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Costs and Kinds of Costs


What are Costs? When in doubt, to grant costs is at the watchfulness of the court. In common procedures, “costs will follow the occasion.” Kinds of Costs The code accommodates the accompanying sorts of costs: General costs- Section 35. Miscellaneous costs- Order 20-A. Compensatory costs for bogus and vexatious cases or protections Section 35A. Costs …

Important Terms Under Civil Law Procedure


  Affidavit:- An affidavit is a declaration of facts, reduced to writing and affirmed or sworn before an officer having authority to administrate oaths. It should be drawn up in the first person and contains statements and not inferences. Appeal:– The expression Appeal may be defined as “the judicial examination of the decision made by …

Temporary Injunction and Interlocutory Orders


The injunction is such judicial proceedings whereby the order is passed and given to any party for doing or not doing any act. (T.I. is the purely discretionary power of the court. It was exercised according to the established judicial principles and judicially.) Types of the injunction: Prohibitory injunction Mandatory injunction Temporary injunction Perpetual injunction …