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Sociological School Of Law – Notes


Introduction to Sociological School of Law: The relation between individuals, society and state got changed and various theories regarding them have been propounded from time to time. In the beginning, society was governed by custom which had a social sanction, then came the supremacy of Priestly class and after that, the secular or welfare state …

Analytical School Of Jurisprudence – Notes


Analytical school of jurisprudence is known by different names like positive school or positivism law because the exponents of this school are concerned neither with the past nor with the future but with the law as it exists i.e. law as it is. John Austin was the founder of the analytical school of jurisprudence; hence …

Jurisprudence – Notes


Introduction to Jurisprudence: The word ‘Jurisprudence’ has been derived from the Latin word ‘jurisprudentia’ where ‘Juris’ means law and ‘prudentia’ means knowledge. According to Gray, “Jurisprudence is the science of law, the statements and systematic arrangement of rules followed by courts and the principles involved in these rules.” According to Salmond, “Jurisprudence is the science …