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Research Design – Notes


A research design is a research planning of the proposed research project to check the veracity of the hypothesis. V. Young:– He has defined it as a plan of action for collecting and analyzing the data in an economic, efficient and relevant manner. Miller:- Defined it as the planned sequence of the entire process involved …

Research Methods Under LRM


  Research methods are used by researchers during the course of studying their research problem. ‘MC Graw & George Watson’ defined method as the procedure by which research go about their work of describing explaining and predicting phenomenon. The methodology is a science and philosophy methods Scientific method building of a body of scientific knowledge …

Legal Research – Notes


Research: means adding something to the existing knowledge. It can be updating, alterations, addition, separation, deletion or correction to the previous knowledge. Legal research is that branch of knowledge which deals with principals of law & legal institutions. It’s the study of the relationship between the world of law & the word that law purported …