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Health Of Workers Under Factories Act


The Provision under Factories act 1948 Regarding Health of Workers Section 11 to 20 of the Factory Act, 1948 provides for the provision regarding health. The health-related measures provided by the act are the following: Section 11. For Health Of Workers Under Factories Act: Cleanliness Each manufacturing plant shall be unbroken clean and free from …

Welfare Of Workers Under Factories Act


The provision regarding the welfare of workers under Factories act, 1949 The two important elements to increase the efficiency of the workman are health and welfare. The wages or salary is not sufficient for the workers. The health and welfare of workers are also important. It is the reason that the factory act, 1949 provided …

 Working  Hours Under Factories Act – Notes


  Labour is an important element of industry labor cannot be ignored for the capital the amount the labor shell do more work the procedure shall be increased in the same amount but the labor cannot be made to do tremendous labors. This may decrease the efficiency of the laborer. The working hours and periods …